Transport Authority Parking
Making parking more Reliable and Easy

EZZ PARK Technolog has designed a parking solutions that meets the need of a governments Parking authority too.. Every city requirement is different, which is what makes municipalities so complex. These peripherals are spread out all across the city and are one of our largest network installations in the world, to date. Colaberating with the city’s RTA would offer some great benifits to its people. Major parking areas could be divided into Handicapped parking, VIP Parking and general parking.

VIP parking are the ones that could be brount into EZZ PARk solutions and using the APP the customers could be benefited a lot in terms of the saving TIME, Saving FUEL, Saving the environment. etc

This is the world of APPS that we live in either IOS or Android we have our APP on all platforms and its very easy to use. Just click the area u want to reach it would show you the available parking spaces, book one of them for the estimated time u need it for and reach there on time. The system would recognize your ph and lower the barrier for you to park , 15 mins prior to the end of time you would get an alert, opon which either you could remove the car or extend the duration depending upon the maximum permissible time for each vehicle.

Municipalities continuously seek solutions to aid efficiency and eliminate congestion while meeting the needs of their many citizens. The sheer amount of parking facilities in any single city serves a challenge for municipalities hoping to maximize convenience and internal reporting and monitoring. Ezz PARK provides the most up to date technology and payment solution that is pay by APP allowing for more revenue tracking and monitoring.

Reduce the stress involved in finding a parking space at the courthouse with our parking guidance system. It helps visitors find spots more quickly and conveniently by our individual space guidance systems.

Employee parking can be assigned and enforced with Automatic Vehicle Identification, or AVI systems.

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