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Parking is a major factor in a consumer choice of where to shop. Queues, difficulties in finding spaces and problems in making payments can significantly reduce repeat business.

Trouble-free shopping

For majority of us going for shopping can also be a major issue since the parking could be a mojor hassle, EZZ PARK can solve the issue completely.. just look for a parking space close to the area you want to go and book your slot there.. hence saving time to find space and this also means saving on fuel and leaving very less carbon print. We are working on even suggesting you a parking spot that could be super close to even the shop that you wish to reach.

Moreover, implementing our smart parking solution into your infrastructure, makes parking your car a more pleasurable activity. Intuitive and efficient solutions, reliability and user friendliness are a key part of our business. Simplicity is our mission by offering one payment that could directly reach your Bank, no hassle to collect cash. The world is moving towards cash less transactions and app based models on mostly everything in our life. Just at the click of a button one could get to reach his destination know where to park and pay in the most easiest way possible.

People who visit a shopping centre want to be sure they can park their car safely and conveniently. The parking facility is the first and last impression people get from your shopping centre, since most people use their car for transportation when they go out shopping. The most important thing for people is probably the knowledge that they will find a parking space within a few minutes. Parking availability is the key factor in choosing a shopping centre. Not only availability is important, the parking experience should be as convenient as possible. People live busy lives and visiting a shopping centre should be something fun. The first experience in your shopping centre should set the standard for the whole shopping experience. Stress in the parking lot, not being able to find a parking space and traffic congestion means less time for shopping a and a bad mood, which leads to less spending.

More over people have are more organised these days and they feel comfortable when they know that every thing has been organised (BOOkED) in advance. Hence a parking that could be booked is the best way to attract customers to your Mall.

More time for shopping
Direct and fast parking thanks to the
guidance and immediate identification of
the available spaces.
Increased well being and more leisure
time for customers.
Fuel savings and less wear of the vehicle.
Avoids stressful situations, less likelihood
of accidents and conflicts.
Improved image and quality of the service
Reduced CO emissions by lower driving
time spent on looking for parking.
Comfort and profitability with the system
to control temperature, ventilation and
lighting levels.
Improves the air you breathe in the
shopping centre.
Creates loyalty.
Dynamic management of EZZ PARK
Reduction of queues to enter/exit during
peak hours.
Customers are guided to their exact
parking space.
Guiding and closing certain areas
optimises energy consumption and
ventilation costs.
Data on hourly or weekly traffic rates,
user behavior, average time of
Management of special parking spaces.
Monitoring their car space through
Optimization of your business resources
Possibility to conduct promotional marketing activities, promotes rationalization of human resources…
Turnover level.
Average time of occupancy.
Creates loyalty.
Improved information and security
Notices to your mobile via SMS that
prevent theft.
Remote visual control of the parking, with
real-time connection to security cameras.
Uniform illumination system that
improves quality and security in the car
EZZ Park helps to turn your shopping centre into:
A reference point in social commitment
with the environment and society.
A promoter of innovative solutions.
A shopping centre model that provides a
fast, easy and convenient PARKING
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