Pink Ladies Parking

A growing trend is largely flying under the news radar: the designating of premium parking spaces “Women Only” and often coloring them pink. Not only in Europe, but also in countries like South Korea, China, etc. “Pink parking” has gotten little media attention. The question is whether these measures are putting women’s safety first or are examples of sexism at its worst.

One side of the argument suggests that women need safer parking spaces
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On the other hand, pink parking spaces are required to be wider and deeper in some locations. Is that because women are poorer parkers and need more room? South Korea disclaims its pink parking is sexist but acknowledges they created pink parking spaces to make city parking and wearing high heels easier for women.

EZZ PARK provides the ultimate parking safety, security and ease for women and the disabled without the wasted space caused by specially designated parking spaces.

In this special system, drivers and passengers of all sexes exit cars in very spacious and well-lighted entry lobbies perfectly suited for high heels and all types of footwear. There is even sample room for the largest handle wheelchair lifts.

Using this system eliminates the need to walk through dim, scary car parking areas making them inherently safer than conventional car parks. Furthermore, this app helps one to park easily eliminating the common car park dings, dents and scratches because these car parks have wider areas than the conventional ones.

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